About me

Something a little more personal

IgniteGuelphIII-1184+resizedMartin Scherer is a man of many hats. His first hat of note was a Toronto Blue Jay’s hat. He wore various styles of this hat throughout his elementary years into high school, where he adopted a plain navy blue flexfit ball cap. This hat was worn until he graduated McMaster University in 2006 with a B.Engineering and Society (Software focus) and a B.A. (English).

By this point, the hat more resembled a shade of purple and was promptly retired. He did not have a hat when he went to the University of Western Ontario for a year to achieve his Bachelor of Education (I/S) degree.

Today, while still not wearing any physical hats, Martin still finds himself very busy taking on new challenges, which include writing this biography in the third person. Currently, he is the Manager of Engineering Outreach for the University of Waterloo. In this job, he is responsible for one of Canada’s premier youth science camps, Engineering Science Quest, sits on various groups on campus, and plots ways to increase interest in science and engineering amongst the populace.

When he is not working on the above he can be found busily trying to be a life-long learner and husband. But more realistically he can likely be found with his head in a comic book.

He has recently started to wear a retro Chicago Cubs hat when he is in ‘casual mode’.

Something a little more professional

Scherer+MartinMartin Scherer is an idea man, self-proclaimed optimist and tall.  His passion for engineering and education can be seen in his work as the Waterloo Engineering’s Manager of Engineering Outreach. In this role, Martin helps the continual success of the faculties various outreach programs, such as Engineering Science Quest (co-supported by the Faculty of Science) and the Catalyst program. Annually these programs reach over 30,000 youth in the South Western Ontario region. This is the most recent in his past 16 years of experience.

Martin believes that STEM-focused outreach programs, especially those aimed at youth, play an extremely important role in shaping the future of Canada’s innovation and knowledge economy. It was his participation in Engineering Science Quest as a camper that led him on to the path to study engineering (B. Engineering and Society, Software Focus), and his participation as a high school and university instructor that lead him to study education (B. Education Intermediate/Senior). He is excited to help strengthen and give back to the program that has opened countless possibilities for him.

His current professional interests are in fostering connections between universities and secondary school teachers, exploring the intersection of arts, business and science and learning more about the multiple faces of leadership in the Waterloo Region. As a lifelong learner, he recently completed his Human Resources certification.