One percent

How much do you make in a year? $40,000? $60,000? Are you on the Sunshine List? If the answer is yes, maybe you should consider the 1% Challenge.

The challenge is simple — give 1% of your worth (salary or time) to charity.

Some say we’re in the age of micro-payments where a lot of small drops can quickly overfill one large bucket. I think maybe its time we all embrace the 1% challenge, and enter the age of micro-charity, where a lot of small deeds, can make a lot of change.

If you were paid $40,000 a year, this means you would be donating $400 dollars to help make your community more proserporous. That would be a little over $1/day put aside to help someone who is in need.

Don’t have the money to do it? Then look at the other part of what makes you valuable; time. 1% of your time would be about 3.5 days a year.

What’s that? You don’t want to volunteer with one of the many organizations in your neighbourhood? Then why not use that time to help your neighbour with yard work or something else they’d need a hand with.

Wait, you don’t like doing things alone? Then how about recruiting your friends to this challenge. If you have 5 co-workers, and you all donate 1% of your salary, thats $2,000! If you donate time, that 17 days of effort to help improve the state of affairs. Now imagine if everyone at your place of work did this, what would the results be? In my immediate office that owuld 17 days, if I put my occasioanal staff, we would be at 60 days.

Sixty days is a lot of change

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